After my workout yesterday, I was almost in tears. Not because it was really hard, which is was, but because I realized something about myself. I now have a confident I haven’t had in awhile.

This whole journey I have been afraid of others. Afraid of what they might say, what they might think, and how they would treat me. Why? Because I knew it would happen. I have heard plenty of people badmouthing healthy eating, working out, and Beachbody programs..

So, instead of being proud of this amazing decision I made, I hid it. I quietly made changes that ultimately changed my way of life for the better. I didn’t want to talk about it for fear of a negative reaction. Slowly I started to want to share my excitement of working out, my good mood, my energy. People share their lives, the good and the bad, all the time, I normally wasn’t one of them. This was something too good in my life to keep it hidden.

Of course there are people who make comments and judge. There always will be no matter what you do! I let this get to me for awhile. I didn’t understand, I am doing something good. How can someone judge that? Why can’t they be happy for me? Why are they finding negative in something that is so positive?

Then something hit me just a few months ago. Why do I care? Like I said, I am doing something good. I am fueling my body with healthy foods. I am exercising to keep my body healthy. I am working to have a future that is active & healthy, not spent at the doctors.

I get comments all the time…
“Wouldn’t you rather sleep in?”
“You need to eat!”
“You have to treat yourself sometimes.”
“What can you eat? Are you on a diet?”
“You can’t be so strict about your food.”
“Just skip the workout.”

These questions and comments used to upset me more. People don’t need to understand why you decided to live a healthier lifestyle. I do hope they are supportive though. We could be doing a lot worse to our bodies!

Today’s workout is very challenging. It is one that I put off for a few hours yesterday because I knew it would kick my butt. 36 minutes of non-stop. I post a lot about feeling good & being so happy and motivated after my workouts. I want to show you what I do. It’s not all dancing around and having fun. It’s hard work, heart pumping, shortness of breath fun.

I decided today is the day. I am going to share on live the workout that pushes me to dig deeper & not just kind of do the moves. So…I clicked that live button & gave it what I had!

Now, I don’t have a huge following, so there were like 6 people watching & that is fine. I was empowered. I took a huge step out of my comfort zone. I was showing what my body can do. I was showing what is possible when you commit and show up! The people who did comment made my day. Anyone who ever shows support to my journey fills my heart with joy. It means so much that people go out of their way to reach out and say something positive. Luckily, there has been a lot more positive interactions than negative!

When I did my first workout a little over a year ago, I definitely would not have posted anything about it! I remember dreading posting my sweaty selfie in my accountability group after. Now, I look forward to my workouts & sharing my journey. I have not only lost weight & inches, I have gained confidence and maybe a little bit of extrovert (like an extremely tiny amount). Sharing my story doesn’t scare me as much as it used to.

I realized after my workout today, I am starting to be more open and able to come out of my shell a little more. It really isn’t just about weight. I have been able to make changes in my life that are amazing.

Sure, it still sometimes sucks when you hear negative comments or little remarks. But then I remember that I am doing something amazing for me, my future, my life.

Never be afraid of taking that first step because of what someone might say. There is always someone hating, but I can guarantee you, there will be a lot more people cheering you on!



Here’s to being happy & healthy,

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