All In

I am all in. For once in my life, I feel that I can confidently say that I am all in.

What am I talking about?

80 Day Obsession.

Yes, you have probably seen my posts about this new program or even seen other people’s posts, and I am sorry if you are annoyed by it. I am so excited, and I am actually not going to apologize for feeling amazing and being genuinely excited to start this program!

I always had the tendency to start something and never finish. I would get halfway through and that was okay with me. Well it wasn’t okay with me, it made me feel horrible when I quit, but I did it anyways. I made excuses and believed them.

Even with my fitness journey, I would do the workouts and follow the nutrition (kinda). I would get results, but nothing like what I could if I went all in.

So…this program…this program has me more motivated and focused than ever before, and the full program hasn’t even been released yet! I want to see what I can do, and I know there will be challenges, but that’s part of life, right?

Now, I have been on my fitness journey for a year. I signed up for Beachbody January 31, 2017. I have lost 35 pounds and built muscle. I am able to complete more difficult workouts. I have dialed in my eating and nutrition. The reason I say all of this is because 80 Day Obsession is a more difficult program an requires focused nutrition and longer, more advanced workouts.

I have plenty of things I could make into excuses as to why I CAN’T do this, but instead, I am feeling ready to kick some major butt because I know I CAN! I am at a place where I know that I can push myself. This isn’t where everyone is and that is totally fine. You have to make the best decision for you and your body. If I wanted to do this program a year ago, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be the best fit for me. Some people may need to build up to this program. If you want something bad enough, then you will do whatever it takes to get there.

I have been studying the meal plan and getting my body ready for longer workouts. I have been doing the program, A Little Obsessed, to get me ready to use the bands and sliders and get used to some of the move combinations. I am pretty sure my husband is about to lose his mind with how many videos I am watching and all the work I am doing to get ready. This is something I feel strongly about, and the prepping will end eventually!

Seriously though, I want to challenge myself and see what I can do. So, I am going all in. There have been plentyyy of people complaining about timed nutrition (eating meals every 2-3 hours), fitting in longer workouts, not being able to schedule this with their lifestyle/job. There have also been people that are telling me I don’t have to follow it exactly because it is just too hard. I get it, it’s a change and something new. It is also a chance to soar and see what you are capable of.

So, yes, I am committing to 80 challenging workouts that will span over a time period of 93 days. Yes, I am committing to timed nutrition. Yes, my alarm will be set for 4:45am, and I will crush those workouts before work and Saturday mornings. Yes, I will not cheat as much as this may kill me. Yes, I am committing to myself and to results! Tomorrow is Day 1, and I am ready to rock it!

I am all in.

Here’s to being happy & fit

Are you interested in 80 Day Obsession? Want to learn more about the program? Or are you interested in starting your fitness journey in general? There is definitely a program for you! Let’s chat. I love helping people get started, plan their meals, and see amazing results. Check out my site

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