A Year in Review…2017

As cheesy as New Years may be with all the resolutions, new year new me, and trips down memory lane…I love it.

As I was telling my husband yesterday, who doesn’t share my New Years thoughts, it’s a chance to give yourself a *somewhat* fresh start. Yes, you have to go back to work and paying bills and general adulting, but it’s a chance to say I am going to do something differently. We don’t get these moments in life, so I take advantage of moments I can make a fresh start.

This is the same reason I have come to like Monday’s. It’s a time to look at last week, the good and the bad, and commit to a new week. Hopefully even better!

Last year I had the same resolution I had every year for awhile. Get healthy, be skinny for once! A month into 2017 I was crying on the couch because I had become an unmotivated, constantly tired, hating myself, miserable, and an extremely self conscious woman. This wasn’t part of my resolution at all.

After finally deciding that I needed to invest in myself and my health so much changed! I signed up for a Beachbody challenge pack, super skeptical and expecting to cancel within a month or two. Little did I know I would finally find my stride and become someone I only dreamed of.

After just two months of working out and eating better I lost 12 of the 30 pounds I gained after I got married. I found myself in a better mood, happy to go to work, motivated to become a better wife and teacher. All of this from just eating healthier and working out 30 minutes a day.

When I look at everything I accomplished this year, I’m amazed. I started this journey to be a healthier and happier me February 1st, and since then I lost 35 pounds, have baby biceps coming in, ran a 5k running 10 minute miles, have pants that are loose and I don’t have to squeeze into them, and I have helped a few other women start their journey! But most importantly I am happy, healthy, and wake up everyday excited, motivated, and full of love for others and myself.


I have realized that my resolutions to lose weight and be skinny were rediculous. I have lost the word skinny and replaced it with healthy. I like ice cream and tacos. I’m not giving up foods that make me smile and do the happy dance. Life is about balance. Yes, I want to continue to build muscle and tone up, but I know my body and I’m not going to push it to something it just isn’t.

This upocming year I am focusing on health and happiness again. I’m not putting a number on my resolutions.  I want to run more, build muscle, cook new recipes, and continue to be the best me and happy. Focus on challenging yourself to be better. Turn your resolutions and goals into positive statements that build you up.

Make 2018 a year for you! We always forget about ourselves, but if we’d aren’t in a good spot, how can we live our best life?

So here’s to 2018. Here’s to being happy & fit!


One thought on “A Year in Review…2017

  1. Tory, 2017 was a great year for you, a year of true self-discovery. I am constantly inspired by your 2017 story and blog posts. This post gave me a lot to think about as I crystalize my resolutions for 2018. I just know in my heart, it will be a very good year. Love you…


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