Are You Committed?

Commitments…we have a lot of them. We have so many things in our day that take up our time & energy, but are we really committed to what is important to us?

I love my job as a teacher. Last year I had a really tough year. The kids were tough, I wasn’t in a good head space, and I felt that I wasn’t truly committed. When I started eating healthier and working out, some of my issues started to go away. I felt happier, more motivated, and generally in better place. I felt more committed to my everyday. Of course there were still tough spots with my job, but I, as a person, was in a better spot. I improved at my commitment because I focused on helping me.

I started this journey to be a better, happier me in February 2017. I have lost over 30 pounds, gained muscle, and become a better eater. Of course food still tempts me non-stop, but slowly I am learning to enjoy my food and not just shovel it into my mouth. But, now 10 months later I am realizing something. I had to ask myself today…

Am I committed?Β 

Unfortunately, I think my answer was not really. Yes, I am eating healthy-ish, and I am working out everyday. It’s the “ish” part that gets me. I don’t have super human genes that allow me to eat whatever I want….that is what got me 30 pounds heavier. Every time I think it’s just one, or just one meal won’t hurt…if you add that up to quite a few times in the week, it will start to get you out of the healthy habit.

Am I saying that you can’t have a cheat meal or enjoy desserts? No way! It is just the mindset of actually enjoying those things, and not over indulging all the time.

After realizing I am just going through the motions, I decided that since there are about 4 weeks left in the year, that I am going to rock those 4 weeks. I will enjoy some Christmas cookies, but I don’t need to eat until my stomach hurts. I will prep for success, focus on getting more fruit and veggies into my day, and continue to rock my workouts. Now that I called this to my attention, I feel that I will be in a spot where I can monitor my focus and commitment to my goals.

Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves are we committed? Are we giving it our all? This isn’t just for health, it could be for your job, a project, a relationship, anything that you are spending your energy on. It is so easy to go through the day kind of doing what we need to. If I am expecting results, the only reason I am not getting them is me. That’s the truth. As much as I would love to blame the weather, or some other uncontrollable force, I can’t.

So this morning, I gave my Hammer & Chisel workout my all and walked away dripping in sweat. I also made sure to plan my meals this week and incorporate healthy, yummy food and fruit and veggie snacks along the way. IΒ set a reminder on my phone for 10am, noon to remember and focus on my goals. I also have a reminder at 4pm to workout and stay motivated.




Here’s what I did to jump start my commitment:

  1. Take weight and measurements, write them down!
  2. Meal plan (write it down!) & grocery shop
  3. Meal prep for lunches, have dinners scheduled
  4. Set reminders on my phone to stay focused
  5. Plan my workouts for the week


You can do hard things. You just have to stay committed.
I believe in myself, and I believe in YOU!

Here’s to being happy & fit,




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