Meal Prep Sunday: Soup Season

Hey all! It is getting colder here in the Chicago land area, and that means that it is time for warm lunches! Most of my lunches I need to microwave, but now I want something that will really warm me up. I am always always cold! Another reason I want soup is I have fallen victim to fall cold season. As a teacher, with a horrible immune system, I am always waiting for cold season to pounce. These past two weeks have been a combination of allergies and a cold making it hard to breathe. My workouts have not been…well anything, but my meals have been okay. I am hoping some yummy, warm soup will help me get back to close to 100%.

I wanted to use my Instant Pot again to get more comfortable with it. It is truly amazing how quick this thing is! This soup, from start to finish was about 30 minutes and consisted of just using the Instant Pot, cutting board, knife, & peeler. Also, the ingredients were easy! All you need is turkey or pork sausage (I opted for lean turkey sausage), kale, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and an onion. I had the rest of the ingredients in my pantry. I love the fact that I could brown the sausage in the Instant Pot and then just add the rest of the ingredients. It has made meal prepping easier, which is always an awesome thing.

I am excited to try this soup tomorrow fromΒ WholesomeliciousΒ and start soup season! I was able to portion out 8 about 1.5 cup servings for lunches. I also have baby carrots packed in baggies ready to grab and go. Something I struggle with is wasting time in the morning portioning out my snacks. I realized an easy fix is to portion out my carrots on Sunday, and then all I have to do is cut an apple in the morning. I have everything on one shelf, so I can make it as easy as possible on myself in the morning when I’m not functioning completely. Meal prepping gets easier, and you slowly get better at it. I am still figuring it out and making improvements.


I can’t wait to try more soups and other creations in my Instant Pot! I have seen some yummy recipes full of veggies and super foods. Do you have any favorite Instant Pot recipes I should try?

Here’s to being happy & fit,

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