One year ago…

I had every intention of writing this on my birthday however allergies and work commitments had different plans.

A year ago I was a different person. I was starting to go down a path that wasn’t bringing me joy. My mood was all over the place, I kept getting sick, I didn’t want to do anything social, my clothes weren’t fitting, and I didn’t feel like myself. Everyday I kept asking myself how to get out of this hole, what can I change? I never really admitted that a lot had to change though because I let myself continue down this path until that February.

I look at my life now in amazement. I wake up with a positive mindset that today will be a great day. I look forward to going to work and spending time with my students. I am generally really happy. I can’t help but think I saved my life.

Deep down I knew that something had to change. I kept remembering all the medical issues my grandparents have gone through, and I wanted to give myself a chance against some of those. I know that this will always be something that I have to work towards. I am not a naturally thin person, I put on weight very easily, and gosh darn it I love sweets! I am so glad I finally decided to commit to a lifestyle change that lead me to happiness. A lifestyle of balance. I’m in no way saying that losing weight will make you happy, every person is different. When I changed my eating habits my body just felt better. I have had stomach issues forever, and I’m now finally able to have some control because I’m fueling my body correctly.

I really did this for me. I wanted to feel good. Every person deserves to wake up in the morning in love with their life, or at least really liking it. I never had the goal of rocking a bikini, or running a marathon in a year, or a certain amount of pounds to lose. I honestly just really wanted to be happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, my family, and my friends, but I just felt like something wasn’t there.

The effects of this change have been far more than I ever thought. My husband and I are lifting together, and he got into running and is running his first half marathon next month! Seeing him running, and the fact that my dad has always been a running inspiration for me, got me to start running again. Just recently, my 5th graders have made multiple comments about how I am always happy, or “like medicine because I make people feel better when they don’t feel good,” and full of joy. This honestly brought me to tears when they made these comments. I have had friends and coworkers say I am a positive person, someone who always has a smile on, and that they can see how happy I am. This was confirmation for me that I not only feel great, but I am bringing that happiness to the world.

I truly hope that people can find whatever makes them happy in life. It is such an amazing feeling being really happy. I can’t help but smile as I am writing this blog looking at a lake after a run. Was it the best run? No way. Was it progress? You bet. Was I happy that I did it? Always.


Here’s to being happy & fit,

One thought on “One year ago…

  1. Tory, I am catching up on quite a few of your posts this afternoon. This is an excellent and wonderfully reflective post. Even though we see each other often, reading your summary of “a year in your life,” brought a lot together for me. I love you, Dad


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