Goal Setting

Sitting down and setting goals is such an important step to take before you start anything new in your life. Goal setting not only helps you focus your energy and time, but it also drives you forward.

When I started my fitness journey, my main goal was to lose weight. It was as simple as that. Now, I take goal setting more seriously and use it to help me focus my days, weeks, months, and year. Sure, we can set the goal of lose 30 pounds, but I want to be able to celebrate before then! That can seem like a long and daunting task when it is not broken down.

As a teacher, we create SMART goals in our building. These help us as individual teachers and grade levels to create and keep track of our goals.

S – Specific
Make your goals as clear as possible. Not just “I want to lose weight.” How much weight? Lose inches where? How many sizes down? Gain muscle where?

M – Measurable
Make sure you can measure your success. Weigh yourself, but also take pictures and measurements! You will be surprised, even when the scale doesn’t move, you could be losing some inches.

A – Attainable
Can your goal be reached in the amount of time you want in a healthy way? Remember you are a real person with other things going on in your life. Also, weight loss and muscle gain takes some time. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

R – Realistic
Be realistic about the time it will take, like when you looked at “attainable,” and be realistic about the steps you will need to get there. I like to map out the steps I need to take in order to get my goals.

T – Time Bound
Finally, after you really thought about it, decide on when you want to attain your goal by. Having this date, or event, that you are working towards will help you stay focused.


So, how should you go about creating goals? Here’s how I do it!

I write down what my big scary goal is. When I started, it was to lose the 30 pounds I had gained. Then I break it down. My first and second round of 21 day fix I was hoping to lose 5 pounds in each round. Then as I kept going, I would set a goal for the next program I was participating in.

I also write down my action steps.

In order to lose 30 pounds I will have to…
-Workout 6 days a week
-Learn how to eat healthier meals that fill me up and leave me with energy throughout the day
-Stock my kitchen with healthy foods and snacks
-Check in with my support group and be honest with my journey.

It is not a hard process, but it is a necessary one. If you are really dedicated to making changes, make time to sit down with yourself and really think about your goals!

I have shared with you two documents to help you kick start your goal setting! This is such an important first step! As always, if you have any questions or want to chat about your goals, please feel free to reach out!


Here’s to being happy and fit!




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